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This is Patricia Tripi speaking (er, writing). I am your Young Living Essential Oils Distributor! I am a Christian and I am passionate about pursuing my purpose to show you how to achieve the health you desire with essential oils!

Essential oils are sometimes called the “life blood” of a plant. They are used to heal a wide variety of sicknesses and bring wellness, purpose and abundance to your life! I am captivated by these life-giving substances. Of course, all oils are not created equally. Only Young Living’s essential oils are rigorously tested. Every single batch is the highest quality of therapeutic essential oils. I have been radically transformed by using essential oils in the air, on my skin, by scent and ingestion. I hope you will give Young Living Essential Oils a try!!! I believe oils are physical and therefore have effects on the body, mind and emotions, but they do not have spiritual powers.

Sincerely yours,

Patricia Tripi

P.S.- To find out more, e-mail me at patricia.tripi@gmail.com or visit my website:
Thank you and have a good and healthy day!


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