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There are wonderful babies springing up all around during this time of year! It’s everyone’s goal to get this new life started out in a healthy way. Young Living Essential Oils has products that have been used by others for this very purpose! Dr. Gary Young designed an essential oil blend specially for his wife who was expecting! It’s called Gentle Baby $52.30-retail ($39.75-wholesale) and has been used for mothers,  stretch marks (his wife applied it before she gave birth and didn’t have stretch marks!), soothing, babies and children.

Let’s take the baby that has gas/colic as an example.

Some people use DiGize $42.11-retail ($32-whls.) and dilute down 1 drop of DiGize to 20 drops of carrier oil  (such as V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, extra-virgin olive oil, or coconut oil). Then they use 1-3 drops of this solution on the tummy after their little one has eaten and as needed.

Also, the KidScents MightyVites $31.25-retail ($23.75-whls.) can be broken down and put into something so the baby can take it internally if possible. MightyVites provides enzymes for small children. Also, at a different time in the day 1 capsule of Life 5 can also be given, in the same manner, to promote the good flora and restore the body. 
These are especially important if the baby is not breast-fed. Certain enzymes that are essential to the health of a child are not present in formulas.
If I were the mom who breast-feeds her baby, I would also work on improving my health so I could pass the necessary support along to the child. I would suggest taking high amounts of:Allerzyme, for enzymes, digestion and elimination, $42.76-retail ($32.50-whls.); 3-4 capsules with every meal,Sulfurzyme, $72.04-retail ($54.75-whls.) in capsule form or powder $58.88-retail ($44.75-whls.); to feed the good bacteria/flora of the gut,Life 5-Probiotic, $32.57-retail ($24.75-whls.); 3 capsules with every evening meal, and

NingXia Red, for antioxidants, immune and health support,  $52.30-retail ($39.75-whls.); up to 8 oz/day.

This will go a long way to help. There is a book called Gentle Babies by Debra Rayburn designed just for these kinds of questions.
If you have any questions or you would like to purchase these or other Young Living products, write me, Patricia Tripi, at patricia.tripi@gmail.comMay God bless you and your family!

Thank you Chris Behl and my terrific up-line for this info!


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